Built for companies with dozens, hundreds or thousands of locations, the Influence Network platform automates the process of identifying and activating the biggest fans for each of your locations.

Find your best advocates
  • Easily generate business-rules driven ‘advocate filters’

    Find the customers most likely to positively advocate for you with these fully branded, responsive questionnaires.

  • Integrate filters where you need them

    Create the customer experience that best suits your needs by placing the filters on your own site or a branded landing page.

  • Follow-up with messaging to generate advocacy

    Use Influence Network’s email or your own systems to build a conversation with advocates.

  • Leverage audience tagging

    Contact advocates through a wide range of media, as well as use audience targeting to find other likely advocates.

Measure and improve your local reputation
  • Add your locations via our easy to use tools

    Quickly start to monitor all your locations, whether you have dozens or thousands, by using our search mechanism or by bulk loading from a CSV file.

  • Measure across multiple review networks

    See what people think of each of your locations in a single dashboard.

  • Find the locations that require attention

    Let the Influence Network tools guide you on where to best focus your efforts to generate new reviews.

  • Receive notifications of new reviews

    Sit back and Influence Network will let you know when someone has left a new review.

Spread your brand stories
  • Facilitate the creation and sharing of content

    Build branded Action Pages to make it frictionless for your advocates to leave reviews, Tweet, share on Facebook, etc.

  • Utilize built-in advocacy calls to action

    Capture advocates “in the moment” to generate higher response rates.

  • Measure advocacy performance

    Gauge and tune your advocacy programs across content, locations and networks.